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                                Changshu Zhongxun Space Flight Insulating Material Co., Ltd was set up in 1985(formerly Changshu City Aerospace insulation material factory), In 2002, it became a sino-foreign joint venture. is the earlier specialized manufacturer of PI films (polyimide films). Our main products include PI films (Kapton HN), FEP films (FH, FHF/ Kapton FN) and all kinds of silicone adhesive tapes ect.

                                Our production scale is bigger in China. At present we have 8 lines to produce PI films and 10 lines to produce FEP films. In addition, another two new wider lines (1000mm) will be on stream soon. Our annual production of PI films is about 200 tons and our annual production of FEP films is more than 360 tons. We have the right to export our products by ourselves. Our products mainly export to Russia, America, Europe, Singapore, Canada, South East Asian countries and so on.

                                Our company won the New High-tech Enterprise in Jiangsu in 2004 and we passed the inspection of “Torch Program (a plan to develop new and high technology)”. In the same year our FEP films were selected as “New and High-tech Products” and “Famous-brand Products” in Suzhou. Our company has a group of skilled technicians and cooperates with the domestic specialized firms to research & develop new products and continuously improve the production processes and quality.

                                We pay great attention to quality control, have advanced process with perfect test facility. We have passed ISO 9001, REACH, UL and SGS. Our products can fully meet the safety and environmental requirements.

                                 Relying on our high-quality and good reputation, we will sincerely serve all of our customers and heartily,thank the  our domestic & overseas customers for supporting us, And we welcome you to contact us freely.

                            Tel/Fax:86 512 52401231/52401232  Email:admin#zxhjycl.com  Address:Shanghu(Yetang)town,changshu city,suzhou city,jiangsu province,China 
                            Copyright:Changshu Zhongxun Space Flight Insulating Material Co., Ltd (2002-2016)    SU ICP Record:15019758number   
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